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For the past 39 years, law enforcement officers and family members have traveled from across the world to Washington, D.C. to honor our fallen.  This year, due to COVID-19, that honored celebration of life will not be able to happen.  We promised that heroes will never be forgotten and this year will be no different.


With a small donation of $20, you and your fallen officer can be a part of the first annual #Raise1For virtual memorial.  Your donation will include a custom Koozie with the name, badge number, E.O.W. date, and department of the officer you would like to honor.  Their name will also be included on our online memorial page.


That's not all - you will also receive a koozie of another unknown officer and a duplicate of your officer's koozie will be sent to someone random across the country (or world).  This is when it is time to #Raise1For - take a picture raising a toast with the officers' koozies and post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag @Borderland100Club and hashtag #Raise1For during the month of May and beyond.  Watch as the Thin Blue Line Family comes together even though we are far apart and see in what part of the world your hero is being honored.


100% of the proceeds support the missions of the Borderland 100 Club and the first responders of El Paso County.  

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