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Mission and Programs

Our mission is to support our first responders and their families within the unique caveats that face the job.  Please find our programs below and utilize whichever you may see fit for you, your family, or your department.

To request assistance from The Borderland 100 Club, please find the appropriate form below and email a filled out and signed copy to  We look forward to serving our first responders!

Assistance Requests

Line of Duty Death - $10,000
One time assistance

Non-Line of Duty Death (Active) - $2,500
One time assistance

Line of Duty Injury - $500
Per month based on need

Family Assistance - $500 - $1000
One-time or mutli-monthly not to exceed $12,000 over a one year period

Safety Enhancement
Provide resources or equipment needed for first responder safety - gift TBD



Applications for scholarships in partnership with National University will begin in fall of 2019.

First Responder Undergraduate - $1,500

Supervisor First Responder Graduate - $2,000

First Responder Spouse/Child - $1,000

Retraining Assistance - In cases of medical retirement, retraining and employment assistance can be offered.

We are always looking for community sponsors for scholarships funds and for employment opportunities for our medically retired heroes. 

Peer Support

Peer Support for First Responders - Group

Peer Support for First Responders - Individual

Peer Support for Spouses of First Responders - Group

Peer Support for Family of First Responders - Group

PEER 100 Assistance - $300 - $1000

One-time payment to be used for emotional wellness services

Peer 100 First Responder Retreat - Nomination Form

Retreat for first responders dealing with the mental aftermath of a traumatic event

Are you suited to be a peer supporter?  Reach out to us to see how you can become involved as a volunteer peer supporter.  These programs are not sustainable without your help.

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